Dental assistant resume sample

Every dental assistant must have multiple skills, both medical and administrative. Such professionals take care of the patient's condition, cleanliness of instruments, administrative tasks, and much more. Therefore, recruiters are very careful in selecting candidates for this position. It is important to have a good professional resume to download the dental assistant resume sample here.

Let's figure out how to create a good dental assistant resume that will ensure getting the cherished position in the dental clinic.

Analyze the field

First and foremost, spend a few days on researching the duties of a dental assistant in today's clinics. Among the top ones are:

  • Administrative work at the front desk
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the dentist's room
  • Communicating with clients
  • Ordering the needed medicines.

It is also important to analyze the requirements of each clinic for the candidate's education, experience, and skills. Dentists often look for assistants with broad experience and a good education. However, you can also find many positions for trainees. 

Once you have the necessary knowledge you can understand what to focus on in your resume.

Ask for a recommendation from a dentist

Inserting the recommender's contact into your resume will be a big advantage. If you have worked in a clinic before, ask your former dentist for a reference. He may even know your future employer and be able to recommend you. 

The dentists' community is quite small within the same city, so they often know each other. That is why a recommendation for your resume is worth thinking about.

Find a good dental assistant resume sample

A dental assistant needs to be attentive to details and an expert in communication. But how do recruiters evaluate these qualities while looking at a resume? By the form, clarity, and literacy. So pick a good design and structure for your resume. Check the text for errors and let a few friends read it. An outsider's perspective is never a bad thing when creating a CV. 

  • Education in medical institutions
  • Work experience in clinics 
  • Сertificates 
  • Experience in working with medical and administrative software.

As an example, you could write the following in these sections:

  • graduated with a Master's Degree in Dentistry in 2010
  • worked as a dental assistant in 2010-2014
  • certificate of training on working in a dental clinic
  • experienced in using x-ray software

Customize your CV

You can't send the same resume to all clinics, because each clinic has different requirements and expectations. Some people want a specialist with knowledge of treatment, while others want to find a dentist's office administrator. Remember our previous advice - make your research and try to learn more about the clinic and the doctor with whom you want to work. Then use that information to create a catchy resume that meets all the requirements.

Following these simple steps, you will skyrocket your chances of getting that cherished position of a dental assistant.