Friends Lottery and Postcode Lottery come into possession of casino license

Friends Lottery and Postcode Lottery come into possession of casino license

Novamedia Gaming (Friends Lottery and Postcode Lottery) has been granted a license by the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA). This has been announced by the KSA. It is not known under which domain name the games of chance will be offered.

On Tuesday afternoon, Novamedia Gaming was informed by the KSA that it may offer its services on Indian online platforms and in the Netherlands.

Incidentally, the Postcode Lottery and Friends Lottery already hold a special permit from the KSA known as a "Non-incidental (adult) charity lottery permit."

With the new licenses, it may also start offering a legal online casino. For now, it is not entirely clear if and what other services will be offered. The announcement was made on the KSA's website.

"The KSA has granted a license to Novamedia Gaming BV to offer online games of chance. The domain name under which Novamedia Gaming will market its services is not yet known."

When this is the case, it will be announced on the website.

It is possible that Novamedia Gaming will use the permit for two separate new online casinos, both the VriendenLoterij and the Postcode Lottery.

This is permitted as long as users only have to use one online account.

Two gaming providers under one flag

Novamedia Gaming BV is the owner of the Vriendenloterij and the Postcode Loterij whose names are probably better known than those of the umbrella organization.

Two gaming providers under one flag

The Nationale Postcode Loterij was founded in 1989 with the aim of supporting good causes through a lottery. Meanwhile, 3 million Dutch people regularly play the lottery.

In 1989, the Sponsor Bingo Lottery (now the VriendenLoterij) was also founded by the Humanitas Association. Both the Friends Lottery and the Postal Code Lottery have a compulsory, social purpose.

Each year, the National Postcode Lottery and the Friends Lottery, together with, therefore donate millions of euros to various charities in the Netherlands. These are committed to culture, sport, and society.