Night of the living morons (2004). Description

Young friends Philip, Conrad and Liver will not wait until the school time is over, because studying them does not bring any pleasure at all. They failed to make friends with peers, to join the general team, too, and the girls did not even pay any attention to this trinity of guys. That is why they decided to humbly wait for growing up and periodically hang out in each other's house. <br />
<br />
Once, because of boredom and idleness, the guys decide to order an urn with the ashes of a zombie - a dead man on the Internet, but only the guys do not really believe that he is real. Vendors - manufacturers decide to convince their young customers of the opposite. They invite them to the cemetery, where a secret rite is performed with the participation of an urn with ashes. As a result, the remains of dust fall on schoolchildren, and the dead began to rise from local graves. The guys hurriedly leave the cemetery, but have an accident and die. Although they didn’t actually die, the spell cast at the cemetery came into effect, and now they have turned into the living dead. In addition, the guys began to possess super abilities, they certainly want to use them in practice. It seems that in a local school funny times will come soon, because friends are not in earnest. Watch the movie “Night of the Living morons” and you will find out what fate prepared for school friends who suddenly became Goths - the dead. <br /> Amateur Porn, Celebrity Leaks, Teens Nudes & Mature Sex on;