Tips for the game Flight Simulator X. Walkthrough of the game #011


After installation on the course beacon, we can install an autopilot in NAV mode, which will hold us on the course beacon when approaching the glideade. When two yellow triangles on both sides of the HSI (indicator of the horizontal situation) begin to sink, we can click the APP button on the autopilot panel, which will keep us on the right track.

Glissada can be compared with the slope that leads the plane to the threshold of the runway.

When descent, you need to reduce traction to withstand a speed of 120 knots.

At the exit to the runway 31.

When we are about a quarter of a mile from the threshold of the runway, we get permission to land, so we begin to reduce the speed due to the further reduction of the thrust. When our speed drops to about 100 knots, we lower the flaps by one step, but along with the further decrease in speed, we must add more clips to get a complete configuration of landing clips. We lower the chassis on 90 knots. We must remember the adjustments of the throttle, since the full landing configuration means greater resistance, so we need more traction to compensate for this and save 80 knots. The course informs us about the location of the aircraft in relation to Vor. Imagine a line connecting the plane with a thief. Azimuth lines (if viewed with Vor) is called outgoing radial. If we add 180 degrees, we will get an incoming radial.

When we approach the threshold of the runway, we must turn off the autopilot and continue the landing manually.

A little to the left of the axial line of the runway.

As we see in the picture above, our plane is located on a glideade (confirmed by two white and two red lights next to the runway), but is a little shifted to the left of the axial line of the runway, which means that we must make some adjustments. To be on the central line again.

We must land at a speed of about 75 knots or less, depending on our weight and fuel. After passing the threshold, we close the throttle and carefully remove the plane into the runway, bearing in mind that our vertical speed should not exceed 500 feet per minute. After landing, neatly press on the brakes of the wheels (key ".").

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