The rules of the real game and the game for bonuses in pokies

The rules of the real game and the game for bonuses in pokies

Rules for playing pokies It is very easy to master the pokies, there are few rules that are universal for a real game or in a free mode.fastpay login The main problem for beginners is rather the specific terms that are used in the world of pokies. Basic Rules for Playing Slot Machines When you play pokies, it is impossible to break any rules, so there is no need to worry. At first, it will be a free mode, which is available in almost all games and in all casinos. Load the pokie, click on the Spin/Spin button and watch what happens. This is the most unobtrusive way to get acquainted with the game of pokies %s... You can experiment with the settings: auto play, change rates. All this is very simple and intuitive. Many pokies have been translated into Russian, so there shouldn't be any problems. Open the paytable. It is usually indicated by the letter i at the bottom of the screen. Its location may be different, so look for it or the Paytable/Paytable label. The rules of the game and what kind of bonus functions are there will be described in detail. Symbols that spin on the reels are divided into simple and special %s... Among the special ones, these are mainly scatters (their location on the reels is not important) and wild ones (replace other symbols). The meaning of these symbols is explained in each pokie machine, so even if you forget, take a look there. On this topic, Casino bets, sports bets or poker. What to choose? Sometimes in the table you can see something not entirely clear, especially when it comes to unusual bonus functions. If you do not understand what the paytable is about, then just wait until this function is activated. Or just watch the trailer for the pokie. Trailers usually show the full range of pokie machine features. You can also search for video recordings of punters with this function %s... For example, you have no idea what a Shield Wall is in Vikings pokie machine, even after reading the rules. Then you open the trailer for the pokie, and at the 37th second it shows what the Shield Wall means, the function is shown again at the 50th second. Although there are no inscriptions, you can guess at least because there is a similar picture in the paytable. In the paytable of pokies, the following rules are usually followed: the bonus functions are explained, then how different symbols are paid, and at the end the paylines are shown. If you look at the Vikings pokie from NetEnt, you can see the following picture: This is a separate type of pokies where you don't need the same symbols to line up in a certain order.fastpay casino You just need them to go on adjacent reels from left to right. Below is a screenshot of Yggdrasil's Nitro Circus paytable. It shows traditional


... Slot machine rules for wagering bonuses The only thing you should keep in mind is the rules for playing pokies when you have a bonus active. Then a number of restrictions apply here, which must be spelled out in the rules for the bonus. One of the most common rules is the maximum bet allowed. You may be surprised, but the casino does not want the punters who received the bonus to bet a lot. $ 5 is the standard limit for one spin. Do not exceed it in order not to lose bonuses and bonus winnings. Casino rules also restrict pokies in which punters with an active bonus can spend money. All this also needs to be taken into account so that later there will be no misunderstandings and offenses at the casino %s... The rules of the game on pokies. Terms There are many terms that can confuse beginners, but they do not have to be learned to play pokies. Below we will consider the most popular terms. They will help you navigate the pokies at the initial stage, and then you yourself will be able to figure out what's what, when you already have experience with the game. A complete list of gambling terms can be found here. Spin is the spin of the reels. Almost every pokie machine has reels. These are the columns on which the

symbols are spinning

... The standard number of reels is 5. Press the Spin button, the reels are spinning. Line - a pattern, according to which certain symbols must appear in order for the punter to receive a win. Classic pokies had one line that ran right down the center. According to the rules, three identical symbols had to line up in the center of the screen. There are usually many more lines now. Free spin is a free spin. The punter does not pay for the spin, but collects real money if something wins %s...;