Tips on How to Use PSP ROMs?

When we go back in time and remember our childhood, the first thing that comes to our mind is a legendary PlayStation Portable - one of the best gaming consoles, released in 2004. Today, you can’t buy a new device online, but you still have a chance to play all these legendary game titles on your computer. Download your PSP ROM from and start playing from absolutely any device online! In this post, we’ll show how you can do that!

What Is a PSP ROM?

It’s a data file that you need to download if you wish to play your PSP games on computers or mobile devices. The main goal of Read-Only Memory or ROM is to allow gamers to play retro games on modern devices. ROMs store video game data from the original game cartridge. The greatest benefit of such data files is that the data stored on them can’t be changed. Overall, a ROM file is the main thing that you need to download if you want to go back in time and play old-classic games on your computer.

When surfing the net, you’ll find a myriad of platforms where you can download ROM files. But can you be sure that they are reputable? Following this link, you can find a wide array of PSP ROMs. All in all, it’s a reputable platform that has everything for retro gaming.

About PlayStation Portable

The gaming market today won’t leave indifferent even the most demanding gamers. But they will hardly give you the same gaming experience as PSP Portable can give to you. It’s one of the best and most popular handheld consoles, manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment. Firstly, it was offered for sale in 2004, in Japan. In a year, it hit the US market. Almost immediately after the release date, PSP became a best-seller. On top of that, it was the main competitor of the Nintendo DS.

It was the first portable gaming console that allowed gamers to play on the go. When the batteries became drained, they had to place it on charge and could continue the gameplay. On top of that, this gaming console also featured high-quality headphones and supported MP3 music. Thanks to the support of wireless connection, gamers had a fair opportunity to play against each other within a distance of 100 feet.

What PSP Emulator to USe to Run PSP ROMs on your Computer?

The gaming console is not offered for sale anymore, but you still can turn to retro games. You only need to download PSP ROMs from and a suitable emulator.

An emulator is a special program that you can download on your computer and run a wide array of retro games through it. The overriding purpose of an emulator is to imitate the work of the gaming console on your computer. Thanks to these tools, gamers have a chance to play old, retro games on modern devices.

The most widely-used and high-rated emulators are as follows:

  • Rocket;
  • Golden;
  • JPCSP;
  • RetroArch;
  • PCSP;
  • Rapid.

However, you have to bear in mind that it is really hard to build a perfect emulator. Therefore, some of them may have bugs.

On top of that, you should also check the compatibility of an emulator before you download it. Not all of them are suitable for all operating systems. For instance, if you are currently looking for an emulator for iOS, you can download Rapid, RetroArch, or PPSSPP.

If you are going to run PSP ROMs on Windows, you can opt for PPSSPP, PCSP, RetroArch or Golden emulator.

The world doesn’t stand still and new gaming consoles hit the market regularly. However, nothing can be compared to the experience that old-classic gaming devices can give to us! If you miss these games, you still can play them!