What They Don’t Tell You About Dieting

What is the first thing everybody does when trying to lose weight? They try to cut calories from their diet. Many switch to the breakfast smoothies and add more fresh ingredients like organic fruits and vegetables to their diet. There are heaps and heaps of diet plans and ‘shortcut’ methods that claim to help you in losing weight. But does any of that even work?
Emerging research shows the results are close to zero.

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So what’s really going on here?

There is a huge industry capitalizing on the weakness of the masses: obesity and unfit bodies. This industry has been erected around dieting and everybody claims that their hot new product is all you really need to get your dream body. But in reality, almost everything they tell you is wrong and harmful for you and your health.

What nobody tells you is that not only are these diets bad for you, they aren’t even effective. Most trials and studies published that claim to give you guaranteed results, are only talking about their products in the short term. In reality, only a small fraction of the dieters manages to lose weight. And the fraction that manages to keep it off is even smaller.
But why?

The problem here has absolutely nothing to do with your determination or will power. The reason why it’s all a failure has to do with your own biology.
Let’s have a quick look at what happens when you start dieting. For starters, when you suddenly start cutting calories, your body totally panics. Back in the ancient times food used to be scarce and difficult to find. So every time we weren’t eating, it meant times of starvation were upon us. The body learned to survive this stress by reducing the metabolism to a minimum and saving all the energy it got, in the form of fats.
In the modern days this reaction from the body has of course become a pain in the you-know-what! Because every time you try to diet or are under little bit of stress, the body goes in survival mode and starts preparing for ties of starvation. This is why when many people start dieting, they don’t wintess any results.

However, what happens when you force yourself to continue not eating? The cells of your body start starving and ultimately long for energy to continue working. So they start eating their neighbor cells. This phenomenon is called ‘phagocytosis. What this means for you, is that instead of losing fat, you end up compromising on your healthy muscle cells.

Some try to partner up their diets with exercise. Rest assured my friends, that are just another failed attempt at saving an already sinking ship. Because once the process of phagocytosis takes over, you won’t have any energy left either. So on the one hand you are shedding valuable muscle cells and on the other, you will have no energy to bounce back and work out!
In short, these diet and exercise plans are nothing but a big lie and a sham!
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