From interview with Alto Adige 9, October 2010

Spanish Translation


A mother once a serpent bore
And cast it deep into the woods
Yet when the woods caught fire, she screamed
And begged to know with anxious heart–
“The snakes–are they all burnt to death?”
Citation of a moirloyistra
(funeral)singer of Lakkos upon the death of her grandchild


I am a born fighter. What people call negative is my daily work. I invite trouble because I believe in justice. I am not talking about politics, anymore than I am talking the day to day insults that must be addressed. The injustice of a small situation is no different that the injustice of a large one, that involves the POLIS, the PEOPLE.


Therefore the work I do in music, the writing of essays, or poetry, is generally concerned with my rea