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July 2017 – Portrait of the working process of the great Dan Neumann, live sound designer for Diamanda Galás. Hailing from Leipzig, Neumann is one of the most respected engineers in the USA. Full pdf here: https://b23eb0.p3cdn2.secureserver.net/wp-content/uploads/TPIJUL2017.pdf TPi’s July 2017 issue: http://www.tpimagazine.com/diamanda-galas/

Diamanda Galás in “Die Presse” – “Griechenland gehört nicht zu Europa”

10 September 2017 – Diamanda Galás, amerikanische Avantgardemusikerin mit griechischen Wurzeln, feierte heuer mit zwei Alben ein glänzendes Comeback. Der “Presse am Sonntag” gab sie in Wien rund um ein Gastspiel im Porgy & Bess eines ihrer raren Interviews und erzählte, warum sie Deutsch gelernt − und warum sie sich mit…

Diamanda Galás: “Round Midnight” from All the Way

DIAMANDA GALAS: “ROUND MIDNIGHT” FROM ALL THE WAY By: John Payne Bluefat, February 24, 2017 Read here: http://www.bluefat.com/1702/Diamanda_Galas.htm  

Diamanda Galas: Hear Apocalyptic ‘O Death’ From Her First LP in Years

Diamanda Galás: Hear Apocalyptic ‘O Death’ From Her First LP in Years By Christopher R. Weingarten Rolling Stone, January 19, 2017 Read here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/diamanda-galass-on-new-music-adele-taylor-swift-don-rickles-w461868

La muerte vendrá… Y se llama Diamanda Galás…

LA MUERTE VENDRÁ… Y SE LLAMA DIAMANDA GALÁS By: Josu Sein Un Salto del Tiempo al Espacio, March 28 2017 Read here: http://josusein.blogspot.ca/2017/03/la-muerte-vendra-y-se-llama-diamanda.html?m=1

Diamanda Galás, Lounge Singer in a World on Fire

DIAMANDA GALAS, LOUNGE SINGER IN A WORLD ON FIRE By: Hua Hsu The New Yorker, April 3, 2017 Read here: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/diamanda-galas-lounge-singer-in-a-world-on-fire

Diamanda Galás Opens Tour at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre

DIAMANDA GALAS OPENS TOUR AT SEATTLE’S NEPTUNE THEATRE By: Diane Webb YesterdazeNews, April 1, 2017 Read here: https://yesterdazenews.com/2017/04/01/diamanda-galas-opens-tour-at-seattles-neptune-theatre/

Diamanda Galás Brings Her Legendary Voice to Los Angeles This Week

DIAMANDA GALAS BRINGS HER LEGENDARY VOICE TO LOS ANGELES THIS WEEK By: John Payne L.A. Weekly, April 3, 2017 Read here: http://www.laweekly.com/music/diamanda-galas-brings-her-legendary-voice-to-the-cathedral-of-saint-vibiana-this-week-8083386

Graded on a Curve: Diamanda Galás, All the Way, At Saint Thomas the Apostle Harlem

GRADED ON A CURVE: DIAMANDA GALÁS, ALL THE WAY, AT SAINT THOMAS THE APOSTLE HARLEM By: Joseph Neff The Vinyl District, March 30, 2017 Read here: http://www.thevinyldistrict.com/storefront/2017/03/graded-on-a-curve-diamanda-galas-all-the-way-at-saint-thomas-the-apostle-harlem/

Why Should I Give a Fuck About…Diamanda Galás?

Why Should I Give a Fuck About…Diamanda Galás? By: Dave Segal The Stranger, March 29, 2017 Read here: http://www.thestranger.com/music/2017/03/29/25044952/why-should-i-give-a-fuck-about-diamanda-gals

Diamanda Galás

Diamanda Galás By: Falling James LA Weekly, March 28, 2017 Read here: http://www.laweekly.com/event/diamanda-galas-8027872

LISTEN: New Diamanda Galás Singles

LISTEN: New Diamanda Galás Singles By: Eoin Murray The Quietus, January 20, 2017 Read Here: http://thequietus.com/articles/21606-new-diamanda-galas

Diamanda Galas: At St. Thomas the Apostle Harlem / All the Way

Diamanda Galás: At St. Thomas the Apostle Harlem / All the Way “Siren of Doom’s thrilling return” By: Jason Alexander Uncut, March, 2017  

All the Way – Album review

All the Way – Album By: Antonin Artaud Totemism, March 2017 Read here: http://totemism.blogg.se/2017/march/all-the-way-album.html  

MOJO Review: All the Way

REVIEW: All the Way “Vocal Valkyrie rips up the Great American Songbook. Once again.” By: Martin Aston MOJO, March 2017  

The Immortal Diamanda Galás: Still Wild, Still Extreme

The Immortal Diamanda Galás: Still Wild, Still Extreme By Louise Brown Vice, May 28 2016 Read here: https://noisey.vice.com/en_au/article/diamanda-galas-interview-2016

Diamanda Galás: Il mestiere di vivere (Il Mucchio Selvaggio, Italy)

Diamanda Galás: Il mestiere di vivere (Il Mucchio Selvaggio, Italy) by Giuseppe Zevolli Il Mucchio Selvaggio, May 2016 Read here: DIAMANDA GALAS, IL MESTIERE DI VIVERE                

“Diamanda Galás: ‘I’ve sung gospel music when in great despair'” (The Guardian, UK)

Diamanda Galás: ‘I’ve sung gospel music when in great despair’ by Martin Longley The Guardian, May 10, 2016 Read here: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/may/10/diamanda-galas-new-york-interview-red-bull-music-festival

Singular vocal talent Diamanda Galás meditates on death and her new major work (Time Out NY, USA)

Singular vocal talent Diamanda Galás meditates on death and her new major work By Kurt Gottschalk Time Out NY, May 5, 2016 Read here: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/music/singular-vocal-talent-diamanda-galas-meditates-on-death-and-her-new-major-work

Diamanda Galás, Still Wild and Primal, Returns to the New York Stage (New York Times, USA)

Diamanda Galás, Still Wild and Primal, Returns to the New York Stage By Charles Curkin The NY Times, May 6, 2016 Read here: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/08/style/diamanda-galas-new-york.html

A Guide to Diamanda Galás’ Work (Red Bull Music Academy Daily, USA)

A Guide to Diamanda Galás’ Work by John Payne for Red Bull Music Academy Daily, May 3, 2016 http://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2016/05/a-guide-to-diamanda-galas-work  

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean: The Regal Darkness of Diamanda Galas (Observer, USA)

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean: The Regal Darkness of Diamanda Galas By Jim Farber The Oberver, May 5, 2016 Read here: http://observer.com/2016/05/see-that-my-grave-is-kept-clean-the-regal-darkness-of-diamanda-galas/

The Immortal Diamanda Galás: Still Wild, Still Extreme (VICE / Noisey, USA)

The Immortal Diamanda Galás: Still Wild, Still Extreme by Louise Brown Vice Magazine, NOISEY Read here: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/diamanda-galas-interview-2016

From San Diego to Anatolia: interview with Diamanda Galás” – Rolling Stone Italia

“Da San Diego all’Anatolia: intervista a Diamanda Galás” “From San Diego to Anatolia: interview with Diamanda Galás” by Geneva Bria, for Rolling Stone Italia Read here: http://www.rollingstone.it/musica/interviste-musica/da-san-diego-allanatolia-intervista-a-diamanda-galas/2016-04-06/

Collide Art & Culture Magazine (Australia)

Diamanda Galás A feature about Das Fieberspital (The Fever Hospital), a new work by Diamanda Galás interpreting the poem by George Heym. Interview and Introduction by Rowan S. (Collide Art & Culture Magazine, September 24, 2014). See pages 89-90. http://issuu.com/collideartandculture/docs/collideonline2final  For a PDF of the article in Collide Magazine, click…

The New Daily (Australia)

Intense amps, angry elbows and nudie swims By Brigid Delaney (The New Daily, June 25, 2014) http://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/2014/06/25/2014-dark-mofo-review-hobart-mona/

Overland (Australia)

The year of uncomfortable listening By Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (Overland Magazine, June 24, 2014) http://overland.org.au/2014/06/the-year-of-uncomfortable-listening/

In Mourning and in Rage: A Seminar on Representation and Iconoclasm, Ritual Practices and Dissidence in Contemporary Art

IN MOURNING AND IN RAGE: A Seminar on Representation and Iconoclasm, Ritual Practices and Dissidence in Contemporary Art  The Metabasis Cultural Association, coordinated by Viviana Meschesi PhD and Luca Zanchi, and the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Visual Arts, are pleased to announce the Seminar “IN MOURNING AND IN RAGE – representation…

LiFo Magazine (Greece)

The Paintings of Diamanda Galás in LiFo Magazine Written by: Argyro Bozoni http://www.lifo.gr/team/showtime/47138

Burst Magazine (Afternoiz.com/Burst)

Diamanda Galás at the Stockholm Music & Arts festival 02-08-2013 Written by Allan Nilsson: http://afternoiz.com/events/live-reports/item/4548-diamanda-gal%C3%A1s-at-the-stockholm-music-arts-festival-02-08-2013

Newsweek (Poland)

Article on Diamanda’s work and upcoming Wroclaw concert in Poland’s Newsweek magazine: http://filmy.newsweek.pl/t-mobile-nowe-horyzonty-2013–matka-diamanda-od-wykluczonych,105865,1,1.html

Sounding Out! (soundstudiesblog.com)

Queer Timbres, Queered Elegy: Diamanda Galás’s The Plague Mass and the First Wave of the AIDS Crisis by Airek Beauchamp Article here: http://soundstudiesblog.com/tag/yvon-bonenfant/


Setting in the East: Diamanda Galás on Women and Real Horror by Shane Lange Interview with Diamanda Galás in Darkmedia.com: http://www.darkmediaonline.com/setting-in-the-east-diamanda-galas-on-women-and-real-horror  

ETC Magazine (Sweden)

Frontal Attack on Passivity WEAVING POLITICS lecture review in ETC Magazine, by Alexander Alvina Chamberland (English translation by Allan Nilsson) Politics and choreography were woven together at the conference Weaving Politics in Dansens Hus [“House of the Dance”] in Stockholm last December. Alexander Alvina Chamberland was there and listened to…

Kunstkritikk (Norway)

Diamanda Galás and KORK, Kanon Hallen, Oslo, 13 September 2012, produced by Ultima and Ny Musikk (Nominated as 2012’s “Festival Experience of the Year”) Completely independent of genre, this concert was definitely the biggest art experience I had in 2012. Diamanda Galás sings from a place where all hope is…

Burst Magazine (Greece)

“UNIQUE, BORDERLESS, AND … DIAMANDA!” by Aikate D Cover story on Diamanda in the very first issue of Burst Magazine: http://issuu.com/burstmagazine/docs/january2013/1

Diamanda Galás at the Weaving Politics Symposium in Stockholm, Sweden. 12/16-2012.

Diamanda Galás at the Weaving Politics Symposium in Stockholm, Sweden. 12/16-2012. By Allan Nilsson                           A truly remarkable & very intense experience. The lecture kicked off at 10.00 AM with a screening of an a capella performance of…

Artforum International Magazine (US)

Norrköping Tidningar (Sweden)

It Is On The Stage Where She Makes The Greatest Impact By Anna Wallentin (Translated by Alan Nillson)                             She has said “no” to all interviews! The journalist inside me explodes in an indignant pose and my…

Klassekampen Musikkmagasinet (Norway)

Mausoleum Viegland performance review by Susanna K. Wallumrød

Burst.gr (Greece)

Diamanda Galás: Unique, borderless and… Diamanda! When it comes to Diamanda Galas there is only one word to describe her: uniqueness. There is no other way to express her broad spectrum of talents or the enormous shapes and forms which her distinctive aesthetic adopts. Born in San Diego, California and…

The Quietus (UK)

Stellar Systems: Antony Hegarty’s Meltdown Festival Reviewed Diamanda Galás Royal Festival Hall, 1st August Source: The Quietus, UK As opening gambits for a twelve-day festival go, it’s an auspicious one: Diamanda Galás’ performance packs enough force to temporarily flatten her audience into a dazed submission that lasts long after she’s…

Grazia Daily (UK)

Antony and the Johnsons Curate Meltdown! by Marc Morgan The wonderful Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons fame is curating this year’s Meltdown, a line-up of 12 days of music, debate and performance. It’s certainly an eclectic list – as Antony puts it, “mainly ecstatic female voices with a…

The Upcoming (UK)

Meltdown Festival: Diamanda Galás and Davide Pepe present Schrei 27 by Karolina Urbaniak On Friday night at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Meltdown Festival audience had the pleasure to see Schrei 27, the first major film collaboration between Diamanda Galás and Italian filmmaker Davide Pepe. Based on her radio piece from…

The Guardian (UK)

Diamanda Galás – review (Royal Festival Hall, London) By Maddy Costa Somewhere out there is a parallel universe in which Diamanda Galás has a perfectly conventional, dazzling career as a mezzo-soprano. And another in which she is a reasonably straightforward blues-rock star: Tina Turner and Patti Smith rolled into one….

The Stage (UK)

Diamanda Galas By Catherine Gerbrands With tumbleweed blowing across tracts of the West End it was comforting to see the Southbank thronging with life on the first night of this year’s Meltdown festival. It is no surprise that its curator, underground darling Antony Hegarty, should choose Diamanda Galas for his…

Out Magazine (US)

Ant Rap (On David Wojnarowicz and Diamanda Galás) by Tony Phillips

The Quietus (UK)

Diamanda Galás Discusses Her 13 Favourite Albums Diamanda Galás plays the one of the opening concerts of Antony Hegarty’s Meltdown Festival at London’s Southbank Centre tonight. In advance of the performance, she tells us about 13 albums that have been influential on her life and work. New York-based composer, singer…

Time Out Magazine (UK)

Time Out says For those that like their vocal experiment undiluted, Greek-American Galas is the swooping, groaning, screaming genuinely revolutionary and remarkable, opera-trained article. Tonight she performs Ferdinand Freiligrath’s devotional ‘Der Stunde Kommt’ (‘The Hour Will Come’), Marlene Dietrich’s favorite text and, in Galas’s hands, a sentimentally melancholy tune that inspires…

Mouvement.net (France)

The Bright Lights of Villette Sonique, A Festival Rich in Surprises by Laurent Catala   “In the end, the most powerful vocal performance was undoubtedly the one delivered by the diva Diamanda Galás. Beyond her exceptional vocal abilities (a three and an half octave range), the Greek-American singer’s incredibly universal and…

The Economist: The Intelligent Life (US)

The Line of Beauty: Bad Girls by Isabel Lloyd Spring Issue, 2011 The Economist: The Intelligent Life (US) Click here for magazine PDF Death becomes her. Disease, too. And insanity. They have been Galás’s inspirations since th e1980s, when she began performing quadraphonic jazz anthems of doom with titles such…

Time Out London (UK)

SPILL Festival of Performance 2011: a picture guide

Bidisha (UK)

Diamanda Galás rips up the Barbican this April by Bidisha

TONE Audio, No 45

Diamanda Galás: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois By Bob Gendron

La Voz de Galicia (Spain), English translation

“How would you describe your music?” “I am Diamanda Galás. That is sufficient.” by Tamara Rivas A CORUÑA / LA VOZ   Diamanda Galás, known for her talent as a pianist and an operatic voice that spans three and a half octaves, the artist is the first to perform for…

The Quietus (UK)

Diamanda Galas announces Schrei 27 Film Collaboration by Luke Turner