Chavela Vargas, by Gregorio Tlacocan

Muere la Lesbiana más famosa Latinoamericana by Gregorio Tlalocan Monday, August 13, 2012 Chavela Vargas (1919-2012). Nace en Costa Rica el 17 de Abril y es nacionalizada mexicana durante su adolescencia, comenzado a cantar en las calles a sus 14 años de edad y sus 41 años de una manera…

Serpenta Embroidery II, by Alan Ishii

Serpenta Embroidery II: “You Don’t Know What Love Is”, by Alan Ishii

To Writers Unpublished by Gorgon from Intravenal Sound Operations:

It has come to our attention that a Italian monograph on the work of Diamanda Galás that was to be published by Gorgon Magazine has lost its funding, leaving many excellent essays unpublished. If you wrote a piece for Gorgon Magazine, please send it to us at diamanda.assist at gmail…

Diamanda Galás Master’s Residency 2014-2015 Grotowski Institute

Diamanda Galás will begin the Master’s Residency (2014-2015) at the Grotowski Institute from November 18-December 8 for her work on Die Daemonen der Stadt (words: Georg Heym, music: D. Galás). Die Daemonen der Stadt is the second part of the large work that commences with Das Fieberspital (text: G. Heym,…

Schrei 27 screening in Slovakia

Images from the screening of Schrei 27 in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia… Davide Pepe in the Q&A: Viera Dubačová (actress, director, civil activist and Banska Bystrica independent town deputy) reading the Schrei 27 lecture, Human Warehouses, Prison Camps, Artists’ Colonials, and SCHREI 27: And Dave Hunt, the sound designer of Schrei 27 who…

Diamanda Galás and The Sporting Life

Blog post by Alicia Fiorucci: DIAMANDA GALAS & JOHN PAUL JONES, The Sporting Life 1994

“The Hour Will Come” concert program

The concert program for “The Hour Will Come” in Stockholm, Sweden, August 2, 2013

Das Fieberspital

Diamanda Galás Das Fieberspital June 18th, 2015 in Wroclaw


Just in from Greece, from Queericulum Vitae, the poster reads: YES WE ARE FAGGOTS  PROUDLY  THE SHAME OF THE NATION   On Thursday, October 25, in the square in front of the metro entrance in Gazi (Athens), the same night that (Christian)-fascists attacked Xytirio theater to prevent the play Corpus…

Keep Talking Greece

I guess we know who are collecting the signatures.

Concert review of Diamanda Galás at the Stockholm Music & Arts festival, August 2, 2013

by Allan Nilsson Spanish translation, here. Preamble Stockholm Music & Arts is a three days long outdoor festival taking place in a beautiful location in the heart of the city on a tiny island. Among the artists that performed at the festival were CocoRosie, Billy Bragg and Prince—a mixed but…


Krzyki, szepty i jęki – demoniczna Diamanda Galas we Wrocławiu Agata Saraczyńska 12.06.2015 12:25 A A A Drukuj Diamanda Galas (Materiały prasowe. Austin Young) “Das Fieberspital”, najnowszy utwór, nad którym pracuje Diamanda Galas, jedna z najniezwyklejszych współczesnych wokalistek, będzie miał oficjalną premierę podczas Olimpiady Teatralnej w 2016 roku, 18 czerwca jego fragment przedstawi w…

Armenian Poetry Project, by Serkan Engin

A riveting poem about Armenian Genocide, “Barbarian and Ms Daisy” by Turk-Laz poet Serkan Engin. View and read it here.

Diamanda Galas: History of a Passion VII

Blog post by Jennifer Walsh:

LAFF review of James Wan’s supernatural thriller, The Conjuring

From LAFF review of James Wan’s supernatural thriller, The Conjuring: “Heightening the mood throughout is the churn and squall of Joseph Bishara’s score (with featured vocals by avant-garde priestess Diamanda Galas) …”