Review of James Wan’s The Conjuring (featuring vocals by Diamanda Galás)

Another review of James Wan’s film, The Conjuring, which includes “the amazing solo voice performance of Avant-Garde music marvel, Diamanda Galas”:

Living in a Material World

Living in a Material World Madonna fights back against ageism and sexism in the entertainment industry Madonna performing at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards: “The disgusting comments towards her age and behaviour at the Grammys in February were some of the most regressive made towards a woman in recent memory.”…

‘How to Survive a Plague,’ AIDS documentary by David France

A Poet’s Voice: An appreciation of the art of Diamanda Galás by Christos Tsiamis

Writer and poet Christos Tsiamis investigates the poetic origins and emotional power of Diamanda’s lyrics and voice in this compelling essay. View and read it here.

“Diamanda Galas – Not Comparable…” by Stian M. Eriksen

Wonderful blog post about Diamanda’s work, by Stian M. Eriksen:


by Diamanda Galás September 13 2013 Spanish translation by Yaxkin García, here. French translation by Aurore U, here. The “Naïve” Solution I am begging rich women who care: Please have bail money and cars ready to take this woman out of Mexico when she is captured. I guarantee the authorities will torture…

A Homicidal Love Song For the Solo Scream: On the Music of Psychotic States of Mind, by Lech Kalita

“A HOMICIDAL LOVE SONG FOR SOLO SCREAM”: ON THE MUSIC OF PSYCHOTIC STATES OF MIND By Lech Kalita From the bilingual (English/Polish) book “Art and Freedom”, published by Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków (Poland).Kalita discusses the yet unintelligible communication of psychotics, and does an analysis of the composition “Wild…


THE FALL OF ATHENS. A BOOK REVIEW   by Luca Zanchi   Some years ago, as I decided to transition from being a Diamanda Galàs’ devoted fan into a scholar studying her art, I struggled trying to understand her cultural roots. How is one to approach the grief, despair, love,…

Diamanda Galás: Meltdown, Royal Festival Hall, London, by Liz Tray

“It was like being punched in the face with sound.” An animated review of Meltdown in London, 2012, by writer and editor Liz Tray. View and read it here.

Mi Muerte y Diamanda Galás

Great piece written by the renowned poet and writer Miguel Huezo, upon the first first meeting of Huezo and Galás a decade ago — view and read it here. Republished in Revista Cultura No. 110, August 2013.

RUINS – The chronicle of an HIV witch-hunt

Original Greek webpage: English translation by Dimitris Korizis, here.

The Gulabi Gang

Intravenal Sound Operations would like to thank Bryan Heitz for bringing this to our attention:

Diamanda Galás and the Mythic Image, by Michael Flanagan

When listening to Diamanda Galás in the past I have been struck by both the imagery she uses and that she evokes both audibly and visually.  For me she has struck on a number of iconic images, both from Greek cultural history and myth, which enrich and inform her work…

España Jodida por el Catolicismo / Spain fucked up by Catholicism

“I guess that people think that Spain has conquerd LGBT rights, but our current government, in collusion with the Roman Catholic church, is trying to demonize all that we – transexuals, gays and atheists – have conquerd in this country We don’t hurt anyone, but those who have the religious…

Genuine Thought is Inter(Medial)

An article by Julia Meier