Just in from Greece, from Queericulum Vitae, the poster reads:



On Thursday, October 25, in the square in front of the metro entrance in Gazi (Athens), the same night that (Christian)-fascists attacked Xytirio theater to prevent the play Corpus Christi from being performed, four macho assholes hit A. and his friend P. in front of all the people that were hanging out in the square, after asking them the question “are you faggots, re?”.

The question “are you faggots, re?” is one of those racist questions that the macho neo-Greek homophobes ask with confidence to different social groups with increasing frequency. “Are you Pakistanis?”, “where are you from?”, “do you take it up the ass?” wonder the masses of racists of the big family of the Greek nation. Lately, they’ve been feeling at ease within the general racist climate enhanced by the mainstream media and the communication tricks of the golden dawners.

We, lesbians, gays, trans, queers or you name it, have been familiar with their homophobic concerns for a very long time. From the time when we were the “unnamable”, from the time when they would stare at us with impudence as if we were sick, from the time when our fathers, ashamed, informed the relatives that “no, Maria doesn’t have a husband”.

Because now they ask us in our faces
Because whether we answer or not, the Greek society has exerted and keeps exerting violence on our bodies
Because fear keeps the sheep in the fold
And because we are not sheep, in front of fear we have one another
We answer:
Yes, re, we are faggots
the shame of the nation
Queericulum Vitae



Thanks to D.Korizis, for sending poster and translation to English.

Images from the screening of Schrei 27 in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia…

Davide Pepe in the Q&A:

Viera Dubačová (actress, director, civil activist and Banska Bystrica independent town deputy) reading the Schrei 27 lecture, Human Warehouses, Prison Camps, Artists’ Colonials, and SCHREI 27:

And Dave Hunt, the sound designer of Schrei 27 who also creates the live sound mixes for each screening, pictured below at the airport in Slovakia!