“How would you describe your music?” “I am Diamanda Galás. That is sufficient.”

by Tamara Rivas


Diamanda Galás, known for her talent as a pianist and an operatic voice that spans three and a half octaves, the artist is the first to perform for the opening of the new Agora Center.

Diamanda Galás (San Diego, 1955), is known for her talent as a pianist and an operatic voice that spans three and a half octaves, opens tonight (9:00p.m.), at The Agora Center in Coruña. Those interested in attending this event should send an email to agora@coruña.es and specify the number of tickets desired.

“What has influenced you, from your background and different cultures, and what have you inherited?”

“My father’s family were of Greek decent, so as a child I was exposed to music from Asia Minor that was created by the Greeks, Turks, and Arabs. He liked Spanish musicians that sang Flamenco songs, especially the singer Pastora Pavón, & Niña de Combs. This was very influential to me and my music.”

You studied jazz & classical music and joined the San Diego Symphony Orchestra at age 14. Where was this training learned?

“I performed Beethoven’s Piano Concerto # 1 as a soloist for the orchestra. I studied under the direction of Llana Mysior, from the Russian school. In this school, the power comes from the muscles deep within, such as the diaphragm, which is basic for singing. The singer is a fighter and this is their shield.”

Have you always expressed yourself in the same way?

“It could be possible that the recordings I’ve released don’t represent all of my projects, but they will since I am starting my own record company. So I will record different works I’ve done but have not yet been released.”

What have different musical styles done for you?

“They have helped me get through some of my biggest moments of despair.”

You enjoy reading Baudelaire, César Vallejo, Antonio Machado….. How has this literature influenced your music?

“Some writers have helped me find the truth about my life and others have made me feel part of a community. These are sentiments that could not be reached otherwise. Everything we do affects our work. So I prefer to listen to the brilliant minds rather than those that aren’t.”

What are your latest projects?

“I, along with Davide Pepe, just premiered the film “Schrei 27″ last month at the SPILL Festival in London at The Barbican Theatre. It was shown 15 times. Electronic music projects are some of the most difficult things I’ve ever done and I’m glad that the public has the opportunity to experience it in a film context.”

How would you describe your music?

“I am Diamanda Galás. That is sufficient. Diamanda Galás, pianist and vocalist.”


SOURCE: http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/ocioycultura/2011/05/13/0003_201105G13P46999.htm

Translated from Spanish to English by Jeremy (Sebastien-Son) Wright