a film collaboration by Davide Pepe and Diamanda Galás


Based on Diamanda Galás’ radio and performance work, Schrei 27 and Schrei X
Filming and Editing: Davide Pepe
Composition of Schrei 27, Vocal and Film Performance, and Original Painted and Drawn Images: Diamanda Galás
Sound Engineering, Recording and Mixing: Blaise Dupuy
Additional Sound Design and Mixing: Dave Hunt
Actor: Salvatore Bevilacqua
Original Poster Photography and Special Photography for Film: Robert Knoke
Film Photography: Davide Pepe
Additional Non-Vocal Sound Effects: Diamanda Galás and Davide Pepe
NYC Photography of Galás: Jim Provenzano
Schrei 27 Film Producers: Intravenal Sound Operations and Davide Pepe
British Press Liaison for Schrei 27: Janette Scott, Arts PR
Project Coordinator and Initial Press Writing with Galás: Isabelle Deconinck

Medical Photography: Dr Stephen Beldner and Dr Neville Carmichael
Additional Medical Photography: Dr Giuseppe Gizzi, Dr Cinzia Monti, Dr Carlo Massini, Dr Katiuscia Sponsano and Dr Paolo Vitale
Additional Camera Operator/Assistant to Galás: Stephanie Loveless
Additional Camera Assistant: Reena Katz
Additional Photography: Eric Boudreau

Project Consultant and Coordination: Thomas Ward
Special thanks to: Edi Bianco, Ana Birra, Eric Boudreau, Isabelle Deconinck,
CHROME DIGITAL, Amedeo Contarini, G.K. Galás, Miriam King, James Mackay, Barbara Maier, Mascia Marchi, Pietro Massini and Jeff Pollack

Originally commissioned by: New American Radio (Staten Island), and created with co-commissioning funds from the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), where the radio version was created with coordination by Linda Greenberg and Jed Wheeler

Schrei X Live was released along with the original radio work on Mute Records UK