The Eagle of Tkhuma

By: Dr. Freidoun Bet-Oraham (Aturaya)

Oh eagle of Tkhuma, king of the birds!
Open your wings that I may fly to Tiyari,

From Urmia to Mosul and both Berwars,
That I may save my nation, ancient Assyria.

I shall descend in Nineveh and pray,
For the salvation of my mother, of my flesh and blood.

Shake your wings, oh bronze giant,
And advance without distress or sadness.

Visit the gallant and warlike man
That has sacrificed his life for emptied Assyria.

To remember the better days, I shall greet him.
Upon his grave I shall cry and take respite,
And there shall I vow to sacrifice myself.

As soon as you see that I have achieved your highest goal,
Oh eagle of Tkhuma and the Upper Zab,

Throw me mercilessly onto a rock
That I may die as a sacrifice for ancient Assyria.

On the bank of the Zab, as old as Assyria,
You shall bury me after I have sacrificed myself.

You, my giant friend, shall show my grave
To the children of Assyria, to the vehement youth.

Let him see this, my unzealous century,
That he may save his weakened and needy nation.

Upon a little grave, under a white hill,
Throw a rock and bow your heads.