Assyrian Woman Brutally Murdered By Muslim Extremists in North Iraq (AINA, September 13, 2005)

October 31, 2014

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Mosul, Iraq — She was running errands after leaving the local internet office when Anita Tyadors, 21, an Assyrian college student, was murdered by roaming thugs in the Zohoor region of Mosul, Iraq on August 5, 2005.

Ms. Tyadors was targeted by Muslim extremists because she studied and spoke English and wore jeans.

She had just exited the local internet office and was making her way back home when three cars abruptly stopped in front of the building, blocking her way.

An unspecified number of men rushed out of the cars and chased Ms. Tyadors with the intent of assaulting her. She ran very fast.

The assailants fought to keep pace, but found themselves under a barrage of foul language and spit, much of which landed in their faces.

Finally catching up to her, the assailants pistol-whipped Ms. Tyadors and threw her limp body into the trunk of one of the vehicles. She was driven to a remote location where she was brutalized beyond recognition.

All of the assailants jumped out of their vehicles and proceeded to beat Ms. Tyadors. She was very resilient and strong. She fought them off to the best of her ability, at which point they began stabbing and knifing her.

The assailants bludgeoned and gored her and then shot at her lifeless body and finished the job with a resounding final bullet to the head. Her broken body was discarded and left in the streets.

When she did not return home on time, friends, family members and neighbours went searching for her at local hospitals and in the streets. They found her on the following Sunday.

Ms. Tyadors is survived by her mother, a brother and several relatives in Baghdad and Toronto.

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