April 26, 2009

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Response to the Torture and Killing of Homosexuals in Iraq: www.towleroad.com, April 2009

Greek Translation
Spanish Translation by Karen Jaime
Arabic Translation by Anonymous
Italian Translation by Luca Zanchi and Erika Barrainculo
Slovakian Translation by Maros Rovnak



ligare: to bind, to tie up
religiare: to bind fast, to fasten behind
monotheism: the belief in one god, currently meaning the belief in the god of one’s OWN tribe, as opposed to the god of ANOTHER’S.


The current currency of “monotheism” refers to a manipulative government handshake with its clerics. This is a form of malfeasant paganism, in which the only JUST god is the god of the TRIBE, and all other gods are the gods of the INFIDEL.


Monotheism is used by atheistic rulers (virtually all rulers are atheists, since virtually all believe that they themselves are gods, or do not believe in god at all) in order to obtain power over a people who DO believe in a particular god. Thusly, following their ruler is easily misconstrued as obedience to their god. A good example can be found in Turkey which promotes itself to the EU as a secular state, but which is solidly Muslim, and punishes all nonbelievers as “enemies of Turkishness.” Any Armenian, any Greek, any Assyrian, any Turk who publishes material considered “an insult to Turkishness” can tell you this from his prison cell. Where are their temples of worship of the Eastern Orthodoxy? I am reminded of a Duane Reade picture puzzle box entitled “The Saint Hagia Sofia Mosque,” quite a fascinating piece of propaganda, no doubt swallowed whole by most Americans, if there were not a warning sticker that did not say,“Please do not eat puzzle pieces.”


Punishment of an infidel, a nonbeliever, for example, a woman or homosexual, who, by definition, are “born infidels,” is rewarded in heaven with twenty virgins in some religions. Quite a noble reward for punishing slackers of The Faith.


Good citizenship or even martyrdom, however, in older books of learning, books far older than those of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, for example, is considered a simple act of justice, and in extreme cases, heroism. And this action is rewarded only by the protagonist’s knowledge that his soul has not been split from his body by the temptations of hypocrisy, cowardice or greed.


In the great pagan religions which predated Monotheism, even as the latter originally existed, the hero did that which was commanded by his spirit in order to die an honorable death. He did not believe in an afterlife. He expected no reward for his actions other than peace of mind. Thus what are referred to as martyrs by religions that cajole their brethren to do things with false promises of heavenly bliss, are no more than unenlightened tools of purported monotheists, who are often tyrants and dictators.


On a pedestrian level one may cite the manipulations of Jim Jones; on a grander scale, George Bush and his torture- interrogations of infidels of interest; Shimon Peres, one of the great deniers of the genocides of any other ethnic group other than this own; Ariel Sharon, the mass murderer of Palestinians and Lebanese Muslims, among others; or Osama Bin Laden, one of the greater performance artists of the age, who, in the penthouse suite of the Hyatt Regency, in full desert drag – with sand bags – which were, no doubt, hauled in through the basement of the hotel at great cost – enacted inspiring acts of untold heroism. Untold and unseen, except by video camera.


(NYU Film School has inspired many an artist, although our great city has not been generous to OBL’s poor sister, whose rock ‘n roll career was virtually sandblasted by her brother, as was her face by some Saudi-hating miscreant from the word of plastic surgery.)


This all leads us to the anal-glue, the American ‘hum,’ created in Iran, it is said. “Hum” was used just this month by the Iraqi militia to glue the anuses of “faggot infidels” shut before forcing them to drink laxatives: the result was drowning or an explosion of the gastrointestinal tract. The glee with which the phoneVids were then passed around must have really made an impression on Allah.


I guess He must have been watching.


After all, He must have been, if this is what happens to infidels. Is it His fault or the fault of those who, having read only one book, read it incorrectly; or is it the book which was written incorrectly? Is it possible to imagine the intentions of a man who has read one book? And one book only? Can he be considered a man under such ignoble circumstances?


Is it possible to imagine the intentions of a man who has read only the Old and/or New Testaments? And whose religion, like extreme Orthodox Judaism, airbrushes women out of all photographs and relegates them to second-class citizens because of “the book?”


Not really. These are the Varvaroi the ancient Greeks warned each other about with great disdain and not a little fear. These men can justify any action they commit, just as children do.


Why is sexual humiliation, used to torture and interrogate all infidels a practice that remains as popular today as it has been for centuries? Not just the killing but the rape of the enemy seems mandatory. Is this practice the planting of the seed into the ass or vagina of the infidel? Is it the rape of the enemy’s god? This sounds close.


Give me a man who has read 400 books and ask HIM if he would glue shut the anus of the “infidel”? That man laughs at the word and says, “You mean that bloke at the end of the bar who drinks Guinness? He’s alright – just bets on a crap football team.”


A man who has read one book is the tool of a savage god – himself. He is not even an animal because animals kill to eat, not to torture. A man who leads a government must have been educated at some point in his life in order to have attained this position. Even if he is an idiot, he must have read more books than many of his subjects. Thusly the fact that not ONE president or monarch or chairman of ANY COUNTRY has spoken up against the torture and execution of the homosexuals, a torture that has been so salaciously covered in Iraq, makes me certain of one thing: Monotheism can be exposed fully striped as malfeasant paganism.


ONE GOD for the believer,


and for the unbeliever,




Thanks to P.D, R.M, Z.G., and I.D.