The Capture of Diana of Juarez (version 1)

September 9, 2013

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Re: The Capture of Diana of Juarez

Spanish translation by Ben Almeida, here.

I am begging rich women who care: Please have bail money and cars ready to take this woman out of Mexico when she is captured. I guarantee they will torture Diana beyond recognition. I guarantee they will make an example of her and she will be found suicided in her cell. You will hear no background history from her or who tortured and raped her. She will simply disappear and her tongue will be pulled out for all to see, arms cut off one over the other on the torso. A warning. A curse upon the women of Juarez.

Please have the money ready. Have protection from this side with you, hire a team that will know how to get out of there. This can only be done if you have a team of absolute professionals, preferably men and women with military experience.

Diana is the one who has stood up for all of us, primarily the women of Juarez, but all Mexican women, and those from Baja California, who think of Juarez with supreme terror. How many women go there?

MANY. To pick up immigration papers, isn’t that true? WHY do the authorities insist that an endangered species go to an animal trap to pick up their papers? Isn’t this just a bit like saying, “Go fuck yourself, bitch, if you want to get out of here so bad, we take no more responsibility for you.” (Which is better, actually?)

My friends who must go there, go there in fear. But they must. NO ONE should have to go there.

The 3,000 factories, who have installed video cameras to select their prey, should be shut down (but will never be) until this stops, and would be if the owners were not involved in what is happening to the women there in conjunction with their American, Central and South American “colleagues.”
The women are perks to the businessmen who are “special friends.” What could be better than a trapped virgin? Coming from very poor, very strict families, do that many of them have wild social lives?
Not really.

To live in terror every night coming back from the maquiladora is not conducive to partying. Besides, with the breaks they get at their “job,” they are probably too tired to think after the first five hours. Being paid $2.50 an hour, and working harder than the men, whom they outnumber by a huge percentage, is only physically possible for a young girl. And this goes for ALL THE FACTORIES. THE FACTORIES OF THE VIRGIN. AND DIANA THE HUNTRESS DEFENDS THE VIRGIN; SHE IS SACRED.

Please get the bail money ready and go to a city outside Juarez and wait with your team. Or wait with your team IN Juarez if you will not be spotted.
You better have a lot of money because they want to keep her as an example.
And you must hire lawyers from Mexico and California who have power. Do not think that a local lawyer is anything but an ashtray. Call the agencies that have been working for years to save these women and find out who to hire and how to proceed NOW.. .Surround yourselves with these people and NOT local protection because you will get killed after you pay them.

This is not conjecture. You may think that this is a waste of money, but have you actually seen or read all the reports from Juarez? Do you actually believe the government propaganda that says “DIANA ES UN VIEJA PUTA!”


Do you want to be part of the solution or do you want to sit around moaning about
something that is sheer titillation for you? Be honest.

It is a matter of hours till Diana is caught. She is our representative. She is the only force for justice we have had.

Let this be the beginning.
Diamanda Galás