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September 1, 2013

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The new Aleppo Genocide: Reverberation from 1914-1923: SYRIA

Spanish translation

Hail all of those persons who have known that there would be an anniversary in Aleppo to commemorate the Turkish Muslim Genocides during 1914-23 of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians–with a NEW and UPGRADED Genocide against the Greek Arabs of Syria. We have always known that the Syrians were in large part ethnically Greek and religiously Greek Orthodox. But now the Muslims of Syria in collaboration with the United States have determined our extinction in the area, along with that of our Armenian and Assyrian brothers.To the diaspora of the Syrian Greeks, including “MAINLAND” Greece: It is now time to stop separating yourselves from your own race through the elitism that has forced upon you the status of Third World Citizens, that declared Kavafis and Kaztzanzakis “xenoi” until after their deaths, and the same elitism that branded the Greek refugees of the Turkish Genocide of 1922 (the population “exchange”) “Turkospori.”

To the Greek Orthodox churches worldwide: stop spending money on gold, you bastards, while your Syrian priests are again being nailed to their chairs and circumcised by the unholy liaison between Islamic fundamentalism and the US military…

Have you forgotten our history?

To the peeping Toms of British journalism: stop interviewing Orthodox priests who are only remaining in Syria through , like Chrysotomos. Stop asking them if it is Al Queda or isn’t it? Do your own research. You are embedded anyway, so your participation, as in Smryna and Cyprus, just guarantees our murder…


Diamanda Galás