“The Dance”

Ter Vogormia, The Desert I, The Desert II, Sevda Zinçiri, Holokaftoma, Ter Vogormia (reprise)
Words by Siamanto (Atom Yarjanian), 1909
Music by Diamanda Galás
Taped recitation by Shakeh Kadehijan
Liturgical melody “TER VOGORMIA” by Marar Yekmalian
With excerpts from ‘THE DESERT’ by Adonis (Ali Ahmad Said), 1982;
”‘Priere-Litanie” (Psalm 34); “Sevda Zinciri”, anonymous;
”A Desperate Vitality” by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975);
”Those Who Stopped Halfway” by José Maria Cuellar;
”Symposium” by Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957);

“Kin (Hatred)”

The text of HATRED was published by the large circulation Turkish
newspapaer Hurriyet on 18 July 1974, just 48 hours before the
Turkish invasion of Cyprus by order of the Bulent Ecevit

“The Eagle of Thkuma”

Words by Dr. Freidoun Bet-Oraham
As read by Nicholas Bet-Gulawi

“Orders From The Dead”

Words and Music by Diamanda Galás

“If I Die On The Boat”

Anonymous, Zembekiko
First recorded in 1920, and made famous by the great Sotiria Bellou.

“Epistle To The Transients”

Words by César Vallejo
Music by Diamanda Galás
From “SERMON ON BARBARISM” 1923 – 1926
with excerpts from “THE WINDOWS SHUDDERED” from
PAYROLL OF BONES 1923 – 1926.

“Hastayim Yasiyorum”

Words and Music by Udi Hrant


Words and Music by Papaioanou
First recorded in 1948, and made famous by the great Sotiria Bellou.

“Je Rame”

Words by Henri Michaux
Music by Diamanda Galás


Words by Paul Celan
Music by Diamanda Galás

All of Diamanda’s song cycles constantly evolve and therefore are subject to change at any time.